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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my design cost?
Probably less than you might expect! However the cost to develop a circuit very much depends on the complexity. We charge based on the time to design and develop your circuit - the so the more complex it is, the longer this will take. To get an accurate idea, feel free to upload the data you have and get a no obligation quote

What about IP?
At all times, you retain the intellectual property of your idea.

How do I make sure my idea is kept confidential?
We will never discuss your design with anyone but you. You have the option of signing a mutual NDA (non-disclosure agreement) before giving any details of your design - this way you have absolute confidence in the confidentiality of your data

What about firmware? Can you help with that?
Unfortunately we do not currently provide a firmware design service. However depending on the hardware choice we may be able to supply some basic firmware to get you up and running. We will also help you to find a suitable company to write firmware if required.

I'd like to build 1,000 circuits. Can you help?
Although CircuitBuilder is geared towards the proof-of-concept, prototype and pre-production stages, we can help out if you would like to move to mass manufacture. You can discuss your requirements with us at the quote stage and we will work with you to determine the best option.

I have a great idea but I'm not sure it will work. Can you help?
CircuitBuilder is best suited to designs which are not 'experimental' - if a project requires a significant amount of research & development then we may have to quote separately for this. The reason is purely that we do not want to promise you a working design which may not be practical! What we can promise is to always be upfront with you regarding your idea - if we can help we will, but we want to make sure you are aware of any design risks involved!